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Appearing in American newspapers from 5 June 1955 to 29 May 1960 Lance is the story of a US Cavalry officer Lance St Lorne, stationed at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas in the mid 19th century. His mission is to keep the peace in the territories west of the Missouri, a task made all the more challenging due to the ferocity of the displaced Sioux Indians.

Tuft's work on Lance is noted for his unique use of colour on the Sundays, especially for the use of blazing reds and icy blues. This is the first complete English reprinting of the highly acclaimed strip.

This superb restoration was done by Manuel Caldas and Classic Comics Press have produced a wonderful book of both the colour Sundays and the daily Black and White artwork. Also included is an in depth interview with Tufts and some rarely seen artwork.

In 1949, Warren Tufts created the comic strip Casey Ruggles, set against the backdrop of the Old West. Distributed by United Feature, launching May 22, 1949, it initially appeared only in the Sunday comics, but when the story became popular, a daily strip was added. Because Tufts was a perfectionist who often worked 80-hour weeks, he had trouble meeting deadlines, even though he had help from numerous assistants and ghosts.

As Casey Ruggles' popularity grew, Tufts received an offer from a major television studio to produce a Casey Ruggles TV show. However, United Feature nixed the offer on the grounds that a TV show would make the strip less popular. In anger, Tufts left United Feature in 1954, and Casey Ruggles ended shortly afterward, as the replacement artist, Al Carreño, apparently could not maintain reader interest.

Tufts' contract with the syndicate required that they be given first refusal on his next strip, so he created The Lone Spaceman, a science-fiction Lone Ranger parody he was sure United Feature would refuse. After the syndicate did, Tufts reconsidered the strip's value and self-syndicated it

He then created, wrote, drew and self-syndicated one of the last full-page comic strips, the Old West cavalry adventure Lance, which comics critic Bill Blackbeard called "the best of the page-high adventure strips undertaken after the 1930s". Noted comic historian Maurice Horn said “The images themselves were grandiose in their meticulousness and dramatic in their effect; scenes of bloody battles and senseless violence alternated with peaceful interludes such as formal dances in pioneer towns or St Lorne's wedding in 1957” .

Author: Warren Tufts
Artist: Warren Tufts
Publisher: Classic Comics Press, 2019
Number of pages: 352
Format: Hard Cover; Part Colour illustrations
Size: 9" x 12" (240mm x 310mm)
ISBN: 9780990412069

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